Wednesday Track Session May 25th

Back to 800s again this week in a session of 6 x 800m, Feidhlim and Trevor Mahoney will take the session. The New to Track block finished up last week so people who were on NtT will be integrated into the speed session. No need to fear the standard, as the NtT people could probably see the athletes are broken into groups of equal ability so there is a place for everyone. Also if anyone feels the 6 x 800m are too much there is no issue with anyone doing fewer intervals than the 6. Also at this time of the year people need to balance recovery if they were competing last weekend or not to over extend if they are competing this coming weekend. Pacing and group cohesiveness has been great over the last few weeks, keep it up!


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch


6 x 800m with 400m easy recovery jog

Cool down

Meet at the back of the pavilion near the entry gate (point A on the photograph) to the track at about 6:50pm, the session starts at 7:00pm. Enter the track when St Finbarr’s are finished and we need to try to be off the track by 8:00pm as there is a kids session after ours. Please register here on Eventbrite.