April to May Pool sessions – Leisureworld

Next batch of Leisureworld pool sessions will open on Sunday 6th at 18:00
Please remember to renew your 2022 membership, new members welcome – Join here

The dates are as follows:

Each session will have a 2 week gap (12th&19th/14th&21st April) for Easter

Bishopstown – 5th April to 31st May 8pm-9pm

Lane swim: https://www.corktri.com/event-registration/?ee=538

Stroke coaching: https://www.corktri.com/event-registration/?ee=539

Churchfield – 7th April to 26th May 7-8am


Bishopstown Thursday evenings 7th April to 26th May 8-9pm

lane swim: http://www.corktri.com/event-registration/?ee=541

Stroke coaching: http://www.corktri.com/event-registration/?ee=542