Bike Skills Course – Sat 12th Feb

CTC have arranged for Aidan Hammond (Level 3 Cycling Ireland Coach / Level 2 Coach Tutor) to run a bike skills workshop this Saturday the 12th Feb.

Starting Location: TBD but close to Cork City.

Cost: €5, CTC Members only

Time: 12-1:30

Aimed at those new to group cycling or nervous cycling in close proximity to other riders

The session will consist of:

  1. Group riding skills, 2 abreast, communications, up and over
  2. Looking behind while cycling
  3. Riding close to other riders, shoulder to shoulder, bumping off riders
  4. Eating and drinking while cycling and cycling in a group
  5. Cornering and proper technique
  6. Balance
  7. Use of brakes, gears
  8. Cycling out of the saddle

Space is limited to 24

Registration is available here