Track Session Wednesday 4th August

The cycle is back around to 1600s again this week. Even though the recovery is relatively long at 800m jog, this if run correctly should be a very tough session. So you should be running close to 5km race pace, you should also be striving to keep the session even paced across the 4 laps of each 1600m and keep the three 1600s on the same time.

I would not recommend this session to anyone who did the Bantry half at the weekend, there probably is not enough time for recovery but that is a personal decision.

Usual arrangements, meet by the Pavilion before 7:00pm, enter the track when St Finbarr’s have finished up and exit at the end of the session by the gate in the middle of the first bend.

I would rank this set as a key session if run hard and even paced.

Just a comment on recent sessions, a lot of people are walking their recovery of sections of the recovery. The recovery should be jogged not walked.


Easy warm up laps

Dynamic stretch


3 x 1600m with 800m easy recovery jog

Cool down