Wednesday Track Session June 30th

Back to regular sessions after the excitement of the 5km TT last week. Noel is away for a couple of weeks so there is no New to Track, anyone registered there will be integrated into the main sets. We are back to 400s and the number pushing up to 12, it won’t go higher! Again hopefully people are keeping a record of their previous times at this distance, even the number of reps has gone up, try to squeak a small improvement in average times. To make the transition to 12 a little easier we will divide it into two blocks of 6.

Usual arrangements, meet just before 6:55pm at the point marked D on the aerial photograph, enter the track when St FinBarr’s leave by the small gate on the river side(B). Try to maintain some social distancing when assembling and after the session. Exit by the large gate on the first bend(C). We need to be off the track just before 8:00pm to allow the next group on.

We will as usual do the stretch and strides in the groups as registered then break into pace groups for the main set.


Easy warm-up laps

Dynamic stretch


2 x (6 x 400m), 200m easy jog between the 400s and 400m between the two sets of 6

Cool down