Track Session Wednesday 23rd June

We have gone through two full iterations of the track sessions, attendance has been great and people are really getting used to running in their pace groups. This week then, we are going to have a 5000m time trial, we will allow people off in groups of about 10, we will have the large digital clock at the finish line. The New to Track group will also have a time trial but over 3000m. This will give everyone a chance to set a marker for the season, we will repeat the time trial at a later date in the season. As we can take a few extra because of the TT format we have opened an additional 14 slots these can be booked in the AAA group. We are closing the registration at 3:00pm to allow Feidhlim to get all the names onto the timing App.

There will be a bit of “dead time” for one group as the other group does their time trial. We still need to run both TTs off pretty smartly as we will still have to be off the track before 8:00pm.

We will stick to the usual meeting arrangements, get together outside the track at 6:55pm, enter the track by the small gate by the riverside of the track and leave by the gate in the middle of the first bend.

Registration on Eventbrite here