Run Alone Sessions Week Beginning 26th April

Apologies for the missed last week, a lot of stuff on. Hoping against hope that we might be able to get 15 member pods together sometime in May, until then more of the same. Fairly straightforward session this week, repeat 4 minute intervals. It is unlikely that there will be racing before July at the earliest, so depending on when you think you =r first race will be, you need to pitch your intensity accordingly.


Easy warm-up run, 10-15 minutes

5 – 6 strides of about 60m

6 x 4 minutes at tempo with easy 2 minute recovery jog

Easy 5-10 minute recovery jog

You can at this stage run with someone from one other household. Be very conscious of other space users, especially if using a park or greenway, there are lots of people out walking these days and a couple of sweaty hard-breathing runners bearing down on them can be a little intimidating.