Run Alone Sessions Week Beginning 12th April

Unfortunately still in run alone mode or with one other, hopefully the next few weeks will see us able to have small groups at least. We might possibly get the track back sometime in May. Keep with the tempo sessions, if nothing else as a break from “just going for a run”. This week is a tough session with one of the reps 10 minutes long.


10-15 minutes easy warm up

5 – 6 60m strides with 60m easy recovery

10 minutes at tempo with 5 minutes easy recovery jog

8 minutes at tempo with 4 minutes easy recovery

4 minutes at tempo with 2 minutes recovery

2 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery

10 -15 minutes easy cool down

Why not try to get to one of the Park Run courses some time this week and have a go off a 5km time trial (or race with your training partner). There are Park Run courses in the Glen on the northside, the old original course in the Tramore Valley Park or the course in the Regional Park in Ballincollig, try to get there earlyish in the morning before people start arriving for their daily walks. Please do NOT organise a large group to do this. Allow at least 2 days recovery between the tempo session and the time trial if doing both.