Run Alone Sessions Week Beginning March 22nd

Last week of the hill running block if you are doing them rather than the flat tempo sessions. Same format as the previous weeks and holding the number of repetitions at 8. Again, the hill should not be too steep so as not to drastically alter the running action. Make sure to get a proper warm-up before starting the hills and a reasonable cool down as well.

Hill Session

Easy 10-15 minute warm-up on the flat

5-6 strides on the flat

8 x 300m (approx) on a not too steep hill, use the run down as recovery

10-15 minute cool down

For anyone who is not doing the hills and prefers to do a tempo session

Use the same warm-up, strides and cool down

Tempo Set

4 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s easy recovery jog

6 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery jog

Enjoy the sessions whichever one you choose to do, take care and stay safe.