Run Alone Session 15th March 2021

Week three of hill sets, try to push the number of repetitions up to 8 if you are doing each at a distance of about 300m. If shorter or longer adjust the number of reps accordingly. Stay strong through the set and keep the effort at about 80% through out. As usual please observe the COVID regulations and stick to a hill within your 5km radius.

Hill Session

10-15 minute easy warm-up jog

5-6 strides on the flat

8 x 300m (approx) hill repetitions at about 80% effort

10-15 Minute cool down

For anyone who doesn’t want to do hills, try a tempo set as follows: Use the same warm-up and cool down as for the hill set but with a tempo block of:

6 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minute easy recovery jog

Keep the recovery at a jog, noticed a tendency at some of the sessions to walk between reps, keep the running action no matter how slow.