Run Alone Sessions Week Beginning 8th March 2021

Continuing with the block of hill repeats for the rest of March, keep it at 6 repeats for this week and will do a push up to 8 next week. Again, it is important to pick a hill that is not too steep so that your running form/technique is not radically changed. Use the downhill jog as recovery, try to get a feel for the intensity whether using technology or RPE, hills should be at about 80% effort.


Easy 10-15 minute easy warm-up on the flat

5-6 strides on the flat

6 x approx 300m hill repeats, use down hill return as recovery

Easy 10-15 minute cool down.

|For anyone who does not want to do hill repeats an alternative tempo session could be:

4 x 6 minutes at tempo with 3 minute recovery

Use the same warm-up and cool down as for the hill session.

As usual follow the COVID guidelines for distance from home. Be very aware of others using the space particularly if using areas like the parks, heavily panting runners can be very intimidating on a narrow footpath. As well as the two locations mentioned last week, there is a good hill in the Tramore Valley Park, anyone who did Trevor Mahoney’s sessions last summer will be very familiar with this.