Run Alone Sessions Week Beginning 1st February

Hopefully your running is contributing to keeping heads clear during Level 5 protocols. Maybe after March 5th we will be at least able to get together in small groups at least. If people are getting out about three times a week, try to mix up the sessions, longer steady runs, hill repetitions, tempo sessions, trail running or even some fartlek.

Suggested Tempo Session

Easy 10-15 minute warm-up

5-6 strides

4 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minute easy recovery jog

3 x 2 minutes at tempo with 1 minute recovery jog

10-15 minute cool down

If running in the evening try to wear some reflective gear or some form of lighting. Please don’t gather in groups to train during the current restrictions. Be very aware of other space users, particularly older walkers, runners breathing heavily can be very intimidating on a narrow footpath. Stay safe and hang in there!