Run Alone; Week Beginning 9th November

Hope everybody is managing to get out for a few runs every week, keeping the head and the body healthy. Remember to follow the COVID 19 guidelines with respect to training. Train alone or only with someone with whom you are already cohabiting. If running in parks on on the streets when there are others about be aware of keeping your distance as it is generally for runners to move to one side than slower walkers.

Suggested session for this week is very simple just 6 minute tempo repeats, simple not easy.


Easy 5 -10 minute warm-up

5-6 strides

3 x 6 minute at tempo with 3 minute recovery jog

10- 15 minute easy recovery jog.

For a bit of variety people could consider doing the “(Not) Park Run” about once a month. If you are a registered Park Runner you can actually submit your time on the Park Run website. The Park Run routes are marked out with distances in both the Regional Park in Ballincollig and the Tramore Valley Park.