Running Alone; Week Beginning 26th Oct

As you all know at this stage there are no group/club training sessions during the level 5 restrictions. Luckily running is one of the activities that doesn’t need a special location and can be done within your 5km limit. We will post a tempo session every week for the duration of level 5. If you can run three times per week I would suggest three variations, 1) a tempo interval session; 2) a medium distance run with virtually the entire run at a high tempo and 3) a longish run. The distance and pace for each of these runs is entirely dependant on your current fitness level and the distances that you are currently covering. I will post an interval session for each week, I would suggest that medium distance tempo session should have at least 5km at tempo up to 12km max and the longish run should be 10km or more up to 20km. For some people these distances will seem short for others they may be a stretch, personal decisions required!

Please observe correct COVID 19 restriction protocols, be very aware of others using the spaces in which you are running. In parks or on walkways people can find runners going past a bit intimidating.

This week’s tempo interval session

Easy 10-15 minute warm up

4-6 strides to get used to higher pace

6 minutes at tempo with 3 minute recovery jog

2 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s recovery jog

3 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery jog

At least 5 minutes easy cool down