Track Run Wednesday 2nd Sept, 5km TT

A bit of variation for the session this week. For the “New to Track” people Noel will be doing a session of mainly 400s. Again you must register for the session here. As usual no substitutions allowed. If any of our newer members are a bit nervous about doing track sessions this is an ideal introduction.

For the main session just for a bit of variety we are going to run a 5000m TT just to break up the grind of similar sessions every week. We are hoping to run this with a rolling start with about 4 people starting at the same time. We will go through the normal warm-up with dynamic stretch and strides. Again you must register in advance here.

Meet at point D on the aerial photograph just outside the track at about 6:55pm, session starts at 7:00pm sharp. Please don’t go into the track until St Finbarr’s have left. Try to observe social distancing while waiting.