Track Session Wednesday 26th August

Wednesday promises to be one of the better days this week (wouldn’t be hard) so hopefully we can stay dry and not get blown off the track. We will do the session that we had planned for last week.

So for the beginners Noel will be doing a session of 4 x 800m with the beginners/new to trackers. As usual you must register in advance, both normal and beginners register in the same place, here.

The regular session will be 12 x 400m as scheduled for last week. Register with Eventbrite at the same link, here.

As usual meet outside the track barrier at point D on the map just before 7:00pm. Please observe social distancing while waiting, we need to wait until St Finbarr’s leave before we go in. We will also need to clear the track at 8:00pm sharp as there is a club on after us. For that reason try to get some kind of warm-up in advance (not on the track). We will get straight into the dynamic stretch.

Trevor will be doing a session in the park on Monday, post and links will go up at the weekend.