Run Alone 13th May (Stick With It)

Hope everybody is feeling ok, but remember it’s also ok not to be ok, don’t be afraid to call some of your fellow member friends for chat if needed. We are still under tight restrictions but our travel distance is now 5km. There is still no club sessions and probably won’t be anything until June at the earliest. It may be possible for people to get together in groups of no more than 4 people from next Monday (18th). Set for tempo this week is descending from a long 8 minutes down to a 3 minute run. Remember if you are getting a few runs a week in the absence of swimming don’t be afraid to mix it up as per last week’s post and have a look for some new routes in your 5km radius.


Easy jog of 2-3kms to warm up

A few strides before starting into the tempo session

8 minutes at tempo with 3 minute recovery jog

6 minutes at tempo with 3 minute recovery jog

2 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minute recovery jog

3 minutes at tempo

Easy 1-2km cool down