Run Alone Wednesday 5th May

A new month and a slight loosening of the rules. As most of you will know at this stage the distance that we can now stray from home has been extended from 2 to 5km. Please remember all of the other conditions particularly with respect to other road/park/pavement users. Please give walkers, particularly older ones, a wide berth, no spitting and snorting. If necessary stop and allow others through. Run alone unless you are with someone with whom you are isolated anyway, even then run single file rather than side by side. With no swimming available or allowed you possibly have more time for running. I would recommend basing your running around three sessions: A longer run, again this depends on your level of fitness and experience, 10-25km. An interval session circa 25 minutes at tempo broken into shorter intervals with 50% of the time at tempo for a recovery jog (track session closer to season when available). Last one is a longer run at high tempo as described last week, 5-12km at high tempo, depending on fitness level and experience, don’t forget the 2km warm up and cool down. Not necessary to do all every week, every now and then just go out and enjoy a run, on trails or nice scenic route, recharge, fall in love with running again!

Suggested Tempo Session

Warm up easy run

Some strides, maybe 5-6

5 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s easy recovery jog

5 x 2 minutes at tempo with 1 minute easy recovery jog

2-3 km cool down