Run Alone Wednesday 29th April

Won’t get all preachy about the rules, you know them all at this stage, try to observe but most of all be considerate and stay within the 2km limit.. Just for a bit of a change why not try a longer run at tempo. I would have always have incorporated one if these in to my own weekly programme. What constitutes a longer run depends on where your overall level of fitness is and what distances you are covering at this stage in training. I would suggest anywhere between 5km and 12km. Do it over a known route so that you can repeat it from time to time and look for progress. Idea would be to cover about 2km as a steady warm up and then go hard over the chosen distance, take an easy cool down, at least 1km. Keep a record of times in your training diary. For anyone still doing the hills this is week 4, 10 x 250-300m with the down hill as recovery. Remember it’s going to be a while before you are racing.