Run Alone Session 15th April

Option of the two sessions again this week, for anyone who can drag themselves away from crunches and squats!. If you did the hill climb block last week I would actually suggest a block of 4 weeks where you do the hill climbs once a week over the 4 week block. I won’t reproduce the session again below but 10 x 250/300m hill repeats with the jog to the bottom as the recovery.

The other session is again a variation on 25 minutes at tempo. Please remember the Covid 19 protocols: Stay within 2km of your home. Give other pavement/road users at least 2m of space when meeting them or overtaking. Please be very aware that a lot of people are expressing nervousness when meeting or being overtaking by runners because of sweating and heavy breathing. If at all possible give extra space and if necessary stop.


2-3km easy warm up

4 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s easy recovery jog

4 x 2 minutes at tempo with 1 minute easy recovery jog

5 x 1 minute at tempo with 30s recovery jog

Easy cool down