Run Alone Session

A couple of suggestions for a session this week depending the type of terrain you have available local to where you are living. Remember the CTC is advocating strict adherence to staying within 2km of home. Run alone or with some with whom you are already confined. Be very aware of other street or road users, having sweaty runners go past can be intimidating in our current situation. Give others 2M space, if necessary stop to allow people past. Carry a tissue to avoid spitting or snot rockets.

So the 2 suggestions are 1) a standard tempo session as we have been doing since October or 2) alternatively if you have a reasonable hill close by, a hill session. Given we are in Cork most of us have a hill outside the front door. A reasonable hill would be about 300M long and not too steep. The incline should be not too steep, such that you can run up it without drastically altering your running action.

Standard Session

Easy warm up for about 10-15 minutes

6 x strides

10 minutes at tempo with 3 minute easy recovery jog

7 minutes at tempo with 3 minute easy recovery jog

5 minutes at tempo with 2 minute easy recovery jog

3 minutes at tempo

At least 5 minutes easy recovery/cooldown

Hill Session

15 minute easy warm up

10 x 300 metre tempo hill climbs

Easy run back to bottom as reccovery

10 minute easy cool down