Wednesday Run March 11th

Could be a little bit showery for the run tomorrow, given recent experience that shouldn’t be a problem. There will be a combination of four minutes and three minutes at tempo this week. Usual arrangements, meet at 6:30pm at the car park on the city side of the Straight Road or alternatively at 6:50pm at the first roundabout inside the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road. Even though we will be getting a bit of light at the start of the run please continue to wear either some hi-viz clothing or some form of lighting, it was very dark going up the hill last week because so many of the street light were out of action. For any new or potential new members the session is suitable for all levels. No one gets dropped as we do the run on a 1km loop.


Easy run from Straight Road to Model farm Road via walkway

6 x 60m strides

4 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minute recovery jog

3 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s recovery jog

Easy run back to Straight Road via Farranlea Park