Get Spwimning with CTC in January at Leisureworld

Swimming & Spinning sessions are now available for registration on the CTC website.

Swimming sessions as follows:

Tuesdays 8:45pm Bishopstown Coaches Brian Clifford and Adrian Quinn
14/01/2020 – 10/03/2020 (9wks) FULL

Thursdays 7am Churchfield Coach Brendan O’Neill
16/01/2020 – 19/03/2020 (10wks) FULL

Thursdays 8:45pm Bishopstown Coaches Bjorn Ludick and A.N Other
16/01/2020 – 19/03/2020 (10wks)

Spinning as follows (Bishopstown)

Monday @7pm with Catriona
13/01/2020 – 09/03/2020 (9wks)

Tuesday @7pm with Siobhan
14/01/2020 – 10/03/2020 (9wks)

Thursday @6pm with Tomas FULL

Thursday @7pm with Tomas FULL

16/01/2020 – 19/03/2020 (10wks)