Wednesday Run December 18th (Hot Port Run)

Well the weather looks like it is going to be foul for the (now) annual Hot Port Run. We can take great pleasure in dripping sweat and rain all over the other drinkers dressed to the 9s for their Christmas parties. For anyone not familiar with the format, we do a normal tempo session (well maybe a couple of minutes off) in the Business and Technology Park, run to the Rendezvous Pub on the Model Farm Road and have a drink and chat.

Otherwise the format is as normal meet at the carpark on the Straight Road at 6:30pm or at the first roundabout in the business park at 6:50pm. Wear something hi-viz or some form of light. Try to car pool or run from home, don’t drink and drive. Take some money to buy a drink


Easy run from Straight Road to Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road

6 x 60m strides

3 x 6 minutes at tempo with 3 minutes recovery jog

Easy run to Rendezvous