Simon Community Charity Cycle – 15th Dec

For those not familiar with this; every year we nominate one of our Sunday Cycles close to Christmas as a charity cycle in aid of Simon. This Year, we will have that on the 15th Dec.

The format is very simple we meet at the usual time of 9:00am at City Hall we split into groups according to fitness and ability and have the cycle but all meet together at a cafe for coffee. Unlike other Sundays the club buys the coffee and scones but everyone is asked to make a contribution in aid of the Cork Simon Community. The club also adds to the amount collected.

The homeless situation is worse then ever and Simon do incredible work with those going through hard times. Please try to get along to the cycle, it is usually great fun as people decorate their bikes and themselves in Christmas hats/lights/Santa outfits whatever rocks your boat!

Even if you can’t make the cycle join the rest of us in O’Brien’s for the coffee and throw in a few €uro, we aim to be there at 12/12:30.