Wednesday Run 4th Sept, 7pm @ UCC Farm

For the next 4 weeks, we will meet at the UCC Farm in Curraheen for a session on the grass.  Best place to meet is at the gateway to the grounds (don’t be confused by the name, it’s not a farm it is the UCC sports grounds, it did used to be a farm), the entrance can be seen in this link, the entrance is at the “star” marker.   

Noel O’Regan will lead the set. Here’s what he has planned… gentle warm up with strides & drills. 800 meter steady followed by main set of 1Km with strong finish X 3 with 800m recovery between each.
Cool down 800meters

Be there at 7pm, some people may choose to run out, the 208 bus also runs from Patrick Street.  There is parking out there but park on the uphill side of the gate.  Directions here. Sometimes the clampers associated with the greyhound stadium clamp those parked below the gate.  Hoping to see a good group out, it will make a welcome change from the track!

This is also the first of our formal #TriTogether sessions, members are welcome to bring guests along. See details here

Guests please introduce yourselves and make sure you sign guest sign on sheet. Caroline, Jen & Catherine will be there to welcome you!