Time Trial Tuesday 30th July

TT Tuesday returns again tomorrow, we need another timekeeper to run the session. Please contact ciarandocallaghan at gmail.com or oconnelljohn1982 at gmail.com to organise.

TT starts promptly at 7pm at cobh cross. Riders are let off one at a time, with a gap of 20sec (previously 30sec) between each. Times are recorded for each person. The TT is open to TI & CI license holders. We accept guests for up to 3 sessions. All participants will be asked to sign-on.

Point to note on drafting. If we have enough evidence, we will disqualify anybody found to be drafting at the TT.

The bicycle draft zone will be 10 meters long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete.

If you are looking for free speed, please follow Trevor’s advice here