Beginner Open Water Swim Session Thursday 27th June @ 6:15pm at the Dock Beach

Are you a little bit nervous in the swim element of Triathlon?  Somewhat uncomfortable swimming in a large group?  Want to do some training that might help?

There will be a short open water swim training session at the Dock Beach in Kinsale tomorrow evening at 6:15pm.  That is “in the water” for 6:15pm. This is early but the session in the water will be just about 30 minutes this will allow people to also join the King of the Hill recce that is meeting at 6:45pm in the same location.

The plan is to do some group swims with people in different positions of a 5 person cluster.  We won’t be going any further out than the pontoon.  It would be great if we got about 10 participants for at least 2 five person groups.  I plan on being on the kayak (Brendan by the way) to give me a better view of what is going  on.

Apologies for the short notice but we just got the all clear on the water quality late this afternoon.  Also it would be great if some of the new tri leaders could make it to assist