Call for Marshals for King of the Hill, Kinsale, July 27th!

Your Club Needs You!

With just over a month now until our club race King of the Hill, our Race Committee are in the final stages of race prep. As such, we need some volunteer help to ensure the race can run smoothly. Marshals contribute massively, primary to ensuring a safe race, but for participants tenfold for the energy and atmosphere they bring on race day! If you are a club member who is not racing, please consider registering to marshal.  If you are a club member who is racing, please ask friends and family, they can be your number 1 fan on the day!

All marshals get complimentary coffee & lunch with a fab day out in the smashing Kinsale! In addition to CTC kudos for supporting your club, Marshals can also expect to receive many hugs from gracious race participants & a warm fuzzy feeling for being part of the fun!

Details on Marshaling & roles

A lot of effort goes into planning a race, from the work the race committee put in behind the scenes in the weeks and months coming up to race day, to the day itself. It takes a lot of people to run a successful race, and marshals are vital to creating a safe and fun environment.  Marshaling is a great way to meet your fellow club members, support your club and be involved in the action!

Your role will be advised in advance, but here’s a quick summary of what will be involved. There will be head marshals for each key area.

Registration:  Happens the evening before and the morning of the race. Registration volunteers help to hand out race numbers, timing chips, goody bags and answer questions Athletes will have about the race.

Transition/Bike Park Set-Up:  Setup of the transition area the Friday evening before the race. Installation of barriers, transition poles etc. On race day, transition entrance, check competitor helmets and bikes for road-worthiness.  Answer more questions.

Swim Course:  Directing swimmers to the water, counting swimmers in/out of water. Keep spectators off the course when athletes are exiting swim.

Bike Course:  Located at various points on the route, direct athletes at junctions. Slow traffic, keep spectators off the course, help with parking.

Run Course: Direct athletes at junctions, be a visible presence for vehicular traffic to warn them of athletes on the course, keep spectators off the course when athletes are passing.  Hand out water and collect empty cups at the water station.

Finish Line:  Collect timing straps, hand out water/bananas, congratulate athletes.

Parking:  Parking for the race is in the field adjacent to transition. Some help will be required to ensure folks park efficiently. Also stopping folks parking on the run route and the road entrance to the Dock.

Cleanup: Help is always needed post race to pack up post race. There is always quite a cleanup operation, more hands makes for lighter work!

Register to marshal here:

KOTH marshal registration full - thanks to everyone who volunteered