Junior Aquathons Next Thursday June 6th @6:30pm!

The Junior Aquathons start next Thursday evening at the Dock Beach @ 6:30pm! We need club members help out, please email Adrian at juniors@corktri.com if you are available. Note the regular club aquathons are straight after @ 7:30pm, so come early to help with the juniors,  then gear up and join the club aquathon, win win! 

The Junior Aquathons involve a swim & run for kids from 6-15 years old.  They will happen every second week, starting 6th June, 20th June, 4th July and finishing 18th July. Each session will last 40 minutes to an hour, consisting of  a briefing, skills games, and a fun race each evening. The race distances vary with age. 

Start time is 6:30pm, please allow time to park and walk to beach. 

These aquathons are free to attend, open to CTC club members, other local tri club members & guests. Children must be accompanied by parent, other clubs are welcome to bring their junior members & if possible provide coaches/tri leaders/parents to help out on the night.

To help assess number of juniors, we ask you contact juniors@corktri.com if interested or with any questions.