Bike Time Trials Tuesday 28th May @ 7pm

Restarting the TTs this Tuesday evening at 7pm. The league won’t start for another few weeks, so plenty of time for practice.

Here’s the deal.. The Time Trial is a (8.6 mile/13.8 km out and back course on a relatively flat route. It is suitable everyone, its just you against the clock!

There is an option of a run afterwards, making it an excellent brick session. The TTs will continue to be held every Tuesday until the end of August and we will run a league for CTC members.

Read more about the route, fastest times etc here

NOTE! There’s still roadwork cones out on the route at the bridge junction, so need to be careful there. As always, it’s an open road and rules of the road apply.

Three timekeepers are required each week for timekeeping. Ciaran & John are arranging the timekeeping rota. All participants are expected to timekeeping. Please either contact the guys directly to let them know which week suits or register which week in advance on the first evening. A proactive approach to supporting the TT rota is most welcome!



Thee time trials are open to current members of CTC and Triathlon Ireland & members of Cycling Ireland. Hard Shell helmets must be worn. Drafting will disqualify.