Track Session Wednesday 22nd May

We have done this session before or a shorter variation of it.  It is a mix of distances and as well as an interval session it is an exercise in pacing.  The idea is to do 4 x 400m at a pace you can hold for 800m and 1600m.  I have been doing this session for a few years and I don’t think anyone has been able to hold their 400m speed across the 1600m.  So if you run 90s for 400m you will need to run 3:00 min for the 800s and 6:00 min for the 1600m, so challenge thrown down!  We will be trying to start the session sharp on 7:00pm because of the talks starting at 8:00pm.  So try to get there a bit early and have your warm up jog done before 7:00pm. It is possible to run round the complete perimeter of the grounds, if doing your warm up on the track be aware of the St Finbarr’s runners who have the hour before us.   Usual location at the Sonia O’Sullivan track in the UCC Grounds on the Mardyke.


Early warm up

Dynamic stretch


4 x 400m at a pace that can be maintained for 1600m; 200m recovery jog

2 x 800m at the same pace; 400m recovery jog

1 x 1600m still at the same pace

Cool down