Train & Talk – Eilis Burns & Trevor Woods – Wed 22nd May – 7pm

Join us on Wednesday 22nd May for a Train & Talk event. First up, at 7pm there’ll be our usual wednesday track session at the Mardyke Arena, where Brendan will dish out some pain! This will be followed by a two guest speakers, Eilis Burns & Trevor Woods.

Eilis is a former CTC member, is world renowned for her swimming and swim coaching achievements.

Trevor has competed in triathlon at the highest level for many years, and has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of triathlon and beyond.

This event will be held on the 22nd May at 8pm.

Train: at Mardyke Track (showers available in the pavilion)

Talk: in UCCs Western Gateway Building, room G09.

As some folks will come straight from the track, we will provide a recovery drink & snack for all attendees, as such, we ask that you register your attendance in advance. Registration closes 20th May.

Registration is free, with a suggested donation to Penny Dinners who do great work in Cork, on the night.

Join for some or all, that’s up to you.

This event is open to all CTC members, in addition to other local triathlon club members and guest are most welcome too (just ignore the note at the bottom of the page, it is a default setting.)

Register here