Bike skills, Tuesday 14th May

On Tuesday 14th May, Kevin Curran will run a Bike skills session aimed at those new to cycling with the club. It will cover bike skill basics & practical group riding, giving you the opportunity to hone your skills & ride safely. Being an efficient & safe biker can significant help your enjoyment of cycling, your race bike splits & your comfort levels during a group cycle. And it also makes you a safer cyclist to cycle with. It’s win win!

Note, this is a special session that the club is putting on, it will run in parallel with the TT session for this one night only, the TT (Time trial) route will be used for the practical group ride portion, giving newbies an opportunity to tackle the TT route in the comfort of a group, while practicing new skills.

It will only proceed if there is sufficient attendance, therefore, please register to attend by

The session will include:

  • Introduction (15mins including demos where applicable)pedals, gearing, calls, bike handling, braking, emergency stop, cornering, fuelling & clothing.
  • Practical (40mins): Group ride to practice, calls, getting out of saddle, working together, roll ups
  • Location: Top oil petrol station @ Cobh cross.
  • Time: 6:30pm