Sunday Cycle 5th May

The wind looks a bit all over the place this week but it promises to be light, sunny and warm. We haven’t visited Blarney Woolen Mills for a while so this week we will be heading North. It’s going to be a tad lumpy so fuel up well. The good news is the second half is mostly downhill, and Blarney has the best scones in Cork.

As usual meeting at City Hall for a 9.00am sharp departure. Thanks to this weeks ride leaders.

Short 55k – Ride Leader Laura AT c.24kph
Medium 77k – Ride Leader Brendan O’Neill c.26kph
Long Ride 94k – Leader Noel Finnegan c.28kph

As always newcomers and guests are welcome on our group rides however we would ask you contact the club prior to your first ride with your details including phone number on Facebook. All guests will be required to complete our sign on sheet and abide by the cycling code of conduct. Any person breaching these requirements or acting in a manner which puts themselves or others in danger will be asked to leave the group. No exceptions. No discussion.

Safety focus – Road positioning

When riding don’t travel along the gutter or edge of the road as you will be less visible to other road users and liable to encounter debris and other hazards. Always

  • keep about a third of the way out into the lane moving to the center when overtaking other vehicles or turning.
  • keep a door width away from parked cars and where possible make eye contact with drivers who have indicated to turn across you or are exiting from a side road.

The three key watch words are: Observation, Anticipation, Negotiation