Track Session Wednesday 17th April

Huge crowd last week for the session hopefully we can keep the numbers up through the summer.  The weather should be more suited to track running than the first two evenings, with temperatures predicted to be in the high teens.  This will be the last of the sessions at 3200m we will be pushing up the distance from this week on, no more mister nice guy.  Simple session, just 2 x 1600m (2 x 1 mile for those used to old money).  Important to pace correctly over all of the laps and the the two reps.  Remember you probably won’t get access to the UCC grounds unless you are a member of the the Mardyke Arena.  There is some street parking and parking at the end of the Straight Road.  Session begins at 7:00pm on the Sonia O’Sullivan track on the UCC Grounds on the Mardyke.


easy 10 minute warm up jog

Dynamic stretch


2 x 1600m with 800m recovery jog

Easy cool down