Club Races – Call for Marshals @ Kinsale & Kenmare!

Your Club Needs You!

Every year, our club runs two races, King of the Hill in Kinsale & The Lost Sheep in Kenmare. In CTC, we have a proud tradition of supporting our races, this happens in the form of racing one race and marshaling the other. Our Race Committees are pulling out all the stops to make 2019 races the best yet! We are determined to ensure our race reputation is continued and the high standards at our races are maintained. Races cannot happen without marshal support, marshals contribute massively, primary to ensuring a safe race, but for participants tenfold for the energy and atmosphere they bring on race day! If you are a club member who is not racing, please consider registering to marshal.  If you are a club member who is racing, please ask friends and family, they can be your number 1 fan on the day!

King of the Hill Marshals (27th July):

will get complimentary coffee & lunch with a fab day out in the smashing Kinsale!

Lost sheep Marshals (31st August):

will get complimentary weekend accommodation, a snack bag on race day, dinner on Saturday evening & a weekend to remember!

More Rewards:

In addition to CTC kudos for supporting your club, Marshals can also expect to receive many hugs from gracious race participants & a warm fuzzy feeling for being part of the fun!

Help our race committees by promptly signing up to marshal one of our races. Remember for any race you attend, a huge amount of thought, effort and planning will have already gone into preparing for the races.

Register to marshal King of the Hill

King of the Hill Marshal Registration



Register to marshal The Lost Sheep

Lost Sheep Marshal Registration