St. Patrick’s day Sunday Cycle

We’ll head west this week, in a “repeat” of last week’s canceled cycle. The weather forecast is not great so wear the appropriate clothing. Rain is likely at some point but it won’t be too cold, hopefully. Coffee stop can be in the garage in Bishopstown, any other suggestions welcome.

We are struggling to get enough ride leaders this week with a lot of people away for the long weekend so we’ll try to fill positions on Sunday morning. Bryce will lead one of the medium groups so we need 2 more volunteers. The shorter route continues to be challenging to cover but if we want new members then more support is needed to encourage people to come along. You don’t have to be qualified to lead so if you know the route and have some experience of riding in groups then please offer to lead the shorter route just once.

As always newcomers and guests are welcome on our group rides however we would ask you contact the club prior to your first ride with your details including phone number on All guests will be required to complete our sign on sheet and abide by the cycling code of conduct. Any person breaching these requirements or acting in a manner which puts themselves or others in danger will be asked to leave the group. No exceptions. No discussion. long 28kph+, ride leader Thomas Kenefick medium fast 26-28kph, ride leader TBC medium 24-26kph, ride leader TBC short 22kph, ride leader TBC