Wednesday Run December 5th

Hopefully the weather will keep providing us with a window for the Wednesday run.  Still on 22 minutes at tempo for tonight.  the session breaks down as 3 by 4 minutes, 3 by 2 minutes, and 4 by 1 minute still on 50% of the tempo time as recovery.  Anyone who ran the Waterford half marathon at the weekend should manage their recovery carefully, its still December.  Also anyone running the Clonakilty half this coming weekend also need to manage their lead into the race.  These are individual decisions, make them wisely! Better arriving at the line fresh rather than tired.  Usual meeting arrangements, at the carpark on the city side of the Straight Road, opposite the old Crow’s Nest Pub, at 6:30pm.  Come ready to run, hopefully one of the senior club members will lead out to the Model Farm Road at the right time.  Alternatively head directly to the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road, be at the first roundabout for 6:50pm.  Just a reminder again this session is suitable for all levels as we run on a 1km loop, the group spreads out and no one gets dropped or isolated.  Have lights or Hi-Viz


Easy run from Straight Road to model Farm road via walkway

6 x 60m strides

3 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minute recovery jog

3 x 2 minutes at tempo with 1 minute recovery

4 x 1 minute at tempo with 30s recovery

Easy jog back to the Straight Road via Farranlea Park