Wednesday Run November 28th

There is an orange weather warning for Munster for tomorrow but only until midday it should improve from then on.  Just in case check the Facebook page before heading out just in case of a late cancellation.    The plan at this stage is that the run WILL go ahead.  The time at tempo is pushing up just a little to 22 minutes.   Anyone doing Waterford half marathon might consider cutting back a bit on the full session, maybe not doing the two 5 minute blocks and just doing the 4s and 2s, individual decisions here!!  Usual arrangements apply meet at the car park on the city side of the Straight Road at 6:30pm, Kieran won’t be there so one of the other senior members might move the group off at the given time.  Keep the pace easy on the way over.  Alternatively head straight to the first roundabout inside the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road for 6:50pm.  As usual try to have some kind of light or wear Hi Viz clothing.


Easy run from the Straight Road to Technology Park

6 x 60m strides

2 x 5 minutes at tempo with 2.5 minutes recovery jog

2 x 4 minutes tempo 2 minutes recovery

2 x 2 minutes tempo with 1 minute recovery