CTC AGM Nov 8th

The club AGM will be held at the Rochestown Park Hotel, on Thursday  evening November 8th at 8pm.  The club committee is very eager to get as many members as possible to attend and so will be operating a similar system to last year which was very well attended:

  • 1: We will be holding a core session from 7:30pm with a qualified instructor
  • 2: There will be no nominations for club committee roles on the night. Yes you read is correctly you cannot be given a job on the night unless you have offered to take up that role in advance of the meeting.


A full list of the committee position with description is included in the attached link. If you are interested in taking up one of the positions please e-mail admin@corktri.com . The club is a completely volunteer run club with no paid positions.  The membership of the club over past few years has been at about 200 members.  If you have not been involved in any committee role please consider taking on something, there are a number of roles which are not at all onerous and don’t place too many time demands.  Everyone involved is also an active athlete.   The main committee only meets once per month.

The AGM will include reviewing the past year and planning for the coming year and electing officers to the committee where persons have been nominated in advance.

As part of planning for the new year please advise by e-mail to admin@corktri.com any proposals/resolution you wish to have discussed/voted upon at the meeting.