Wednesday Run September 12th

Week two of the September freshen up series, some suggestion that a hill session might be a welcome change.  Some of you will have been here before under the able leadership of Catherine, who isn’t available this week.  Proposing to meet at the carpark on the city side of the Straight Road at 7:00pm.  The hill location Rose Hill Upper is just at the bottom of Sunday’s Well Road and can be seen here.  Suggestion would be for about 8 x 2 minute efforts with the jog back down the hill as the recovery, faster runners should gather up the slower runners on the recovery so that everyone starts each rep together.  An appropriate warm up would be to run from the carpark out to the end of the Lee Fields and back to Rose Hill before the hill repeats.  But as ever with these sessions this is just a suggestion, group decision rules. Thanks to Laura AT for the picture.