Track Session Wednesday August 1st

One of the tougher track sessions this week.  It’s been on before, its a session to help judge pace as well as help speed/endurance.  So it starts with 4 x 400, then 2 x 800 and finally one 1600m.  One of the objects of the exercise is to set a pace over the 400s and hold the same pace over the 800s and the 1600m, not as easy as it sounds if you set an honest 400m time.  You should be working very hard on the 1600.  Meet at the usual time of 7:00pm on the Sonia O’Sullivan track in the UCC grounds on the Mardyke.  Adrian Quinn will take the session this week, enjoy!!




Easy warm up jog

Dynamic Stretch


4 x 400m with 200m recovery jog

2 x 800m with 400m jog


Cool down