TT results 24th July

Great weather for the TT on Tuesday. Well done to the 28 people who turned out.

The TT is open to both TI & CI members, timekeeping is also open to CI members.

Thanks to the timekeepers last night: Paul Moore, Anja Bergau & Hilary Creedon.

We need more timekeepers for the next few weeks!! Please volunteer, as we will have to cancel the TT if we have no timekeepers.

If someone has agreed to do timekeeping, but cannot make it, please let Keith or Ciaran know.

Please contact Ciaran O’ Callaghan or Keith Fortune to let them know when you will be doing timekeeping at the following: 087 9358472


Name Time
Ann Payne 29:16
Caroline Kilty 25:14
Jane McGrath 24:10
Brendan Flaherty 22:56
Tim O’ Sullivan 28:41
Keith Fortune 23:20
Catherine Redmond 22:33
Jerry O’ Sullivan 21:36
David Scannell 20:29
Michael Corkery 19:10
John O’ Connell 19:21
AJ Murphy 18:38
Matey Ludvik 21:20
Lorna Wolfe 22:15
Darren McCann 22:39
Ciaran O’ Callaghan 21:23
Flor O’ Mahony 19:23
Dylan Kennedy 19:50
Tyrone Kennedy 21:40
Peter & John 20:55
Karl McCarthy 18:53
Kate Crowley 28:03
Tom O’ Connell 23:23
John O’ Driscoll 22:47
Shane Ryan 22:19
Barry Morrisson 20:44
Edward O’ Mahony 20:50
Kevin Downey