Bike Maintenance Workshop – 14th April 2018 – SMA Community Centre in Wilton

Trevor Mahoney has offered to run a Bike Maintenance Workshop on the 14th April at the SMA Community Centre in Wilton from 1pm-3pm. The hall can take a max of 20 bikes/people, and is free to members.


The plan is to take off the rear wheel and clean the cassette. Also lube the chain, check chain wear and brake pads and general bike condition. Trevor willl bring the tools, but everyone will do their own work!

It is required to bring several items: your bike, 3-4 rags and degreaser & chain lubrication which both can be purchase at The Edge.

It is recommended to bring gloves (latex, can probably get them at a paint store or hardware store) and bring new brake pads or chain if you think you need them replaced.

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