Athlete Recovery Sessions, starting Mardyke 26th March

– Title: Athlete Recovery Session

– Location: Mardyke Arena
– Date/TimeMonday night’s @ 7-8pm
– Start DateMonday the 26th of March.
– Cost per person: €20 for a 4 week block

Maximum numbers: 32
– Details:
  • This class is designed to help achieve appropriate recovery from the stresses of triathlon training and competition and help maximise the performance of the athlete
  • The sessions are carefully designed to assist with optimal recovery post workout
  • Each session will be delivered by a qualified member of the Mardyke Clinic Sport Science / Fitness team
  • The goals of the recovery sessions include;
    • Improve mobility
    • Improve muscle recovery after exercising
    • Remove lactic acid to aid recovery
    • Decrease pain
    • Decrease/control inflammation

– Class Structure:

Foam Rolling and Gentle Stretching
Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique used by therapists and athletes to maximise muscle recovery. The instructor will demonstrate a variety of exercises emphasising correct technique. Foam rollers will be provided by the Mardyke Arena but participants are welcome to bring their own if they wish.
Contrast Water Therapy Treatment
During contrast water therapy, athletes alternate between heat exposure and cold exposure by immersion in the hydrotherapy and cold plunge pool.
What to wear?
Suitable clothing must be worn at all times:
Studio based activities – clean exercise clothing and footwear
Water based activities – clean swim attire and swim hat

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