Christmas Party – Glengarriff Park Hotel – 25th Nov

The Christmas Party is on Saturday 25th Nov.

There is a good crowd going so it promises to be a great weekend away!

Plan is to meet at the Glengarriff Park hotel at 10am for tea/coffee and scones, kindly paid for by the Club. Group will split into 2/3 groups for the cycle and set off at the times which will be updated in the next few days for the different routes. Hopefully all groups should meet in Kenmare around the same time for lunch.

We will be back in Glengarriff for around 3/4pm. Dinner is at 7.30pm, so there will be time to watch the rugby match beforehand. Lots of prizes to be won during the weekend! Will also have a prize for the best Christmas jumper on the night so be creative!