TT results 22nd August

The results of the time trial on the 22th August 2017 are as follows:

Emer O’Leary 25:45
Alanna Drennan 24:22
Sally Drennan 22:13
Lorna Cummins 24:02
Ken Cummins 19:54
John O’Connell 19:18
James Fahey 23:06
Kieran Kennedy 23:14
Lorna Wolfe 24:37
Joyce Wolfe 23:22
Anja Bergau 27:16
Deirdre Quinlan 28:10
Noel O’Regan 22:13
Ciaran O’Callaghan 21:11
Paul Harrington 21:09
Ciaran Slattery 19:11
Steve Evans 23:12
Amy Wolfe 23:57

Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:
Jane McGrath, Ronei Rodrigues and Catherine Redmond.

The time keepers for the fun time trial next week are:

Aug 29 Ronei Rodrigues, …., …..

We need just two more time keepers for next week.
Please contact David Egan by email at: or by text on 087 9372402 to let him know if you can time keep next week.

This was the tenth and last time trial of the CTC Time Trial League.
The winners will be announced later this week.
Next week we will have the fun time trial and the prize giving at The Elm Tree.
More information on that to follow.