Track Session Wednesday July 12th

A kilometer session this week, 4 x 1km, these should be run at your straight 5km pace (5km as a road race not the 5km at the end of a tri).  The eagle eyed may notice that the recovery is not quite as long as previous sessions.  Usual format for the session, easy warm up jog, dynamic stretch,strides and the main set.  Usual health warning with respect to racing, balance recovery if racing last weekend, especially for anyone who did the half in Waterville and don’t overdo it if racing next weekend.

Meet at the usual time, 7:00pm, at the Sonia O’Sullivan track in the UCC grounds on the Mardyke.


Warm up jog

Dynamic Stretch

6 x Strides

4 x 1000m with very easy 200m recovery

Cool down