TT results 4th July

The results of the time trial on the 4th July 2017 are as follows:

Jane McGrath 25:02
Kieran Kennedy 23:20
Don Lapierre 19:08
Bryce Whibley 23:27
Jeff Castles 21:45
Michael Scannell 24:16
Kelly Agnew 24:14
Sean Finn 19:58
Kevin Curran 19:10
Noel Finnegan 22:04
Michael Gowen 22:23
Michelle Manning 25:24
Neil Creedon 21:06
David Egan 22:35
Sally Drennan 22:34
Ken Cummins 19:17
John O Connell 18:45
AJ Murphy 18:13
Ciaran O Callaghan 21:22
Pat McHugh 21:46
Anja Bergau 27:01
Shane Bergin 21:21
Ruth O Mahony 23:36
Deirdre Quinlan 27:29
Steve Evan 23:05
Amy Wolfe 22:37
Joyce Wolfe 21:52
Lorna Wolfe 22:53
Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:
Ger Kiely, Ann Payne and Eimear Donnelly.

Jul 11 Amy Wolfe, Ann Payne, …..
Jul 18 …., …., …..
Jul 25 …., …., …..
Aug 1 …., …., …..


This was the third trial of the CTC Time Trial League.
There are ten time trials in the league. They will continuue to be held every Tuesday night at 7pm.
You will be awarded points for each time trial based on your time on the night.
The points awarded are relative to the fastest time in each time trial.
Your points from your six best time trials count towards your overall score in the league.

All participants must do time keeping at least once during the year to qualify to be part of the league.
We usually have a raffle for all the timekeepers at the end of the season.
Your name is entered into the raffle every time you time keep.
And you get points in the CTC club league.

We need your support, otherwise we cannot hold the time trials.
Please contact David Egan by email at: or by text on 087 9372402 to let him know when you can do time keeping.